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Our Mission: To become the mentor/coach players never had, to bring more attention to Wisconsin football and to disrupt the segregation in WI, to give players another platform to showcase their skills, to supply young athletes with an opportunity to help improve their character turning young men into great men, to bring the top Wisconsin football athletes to center stage and to both compete against and stand up to some of the best athletes this country has to offer.

We are an Invite only organization. We recruit throughout the fall tackle season. If you feel like you fit the bill to join some of the most Elite Athletes in the state of Wisconsin, send us a message with your film and lets talk!

We compete with some of the Top talent in the midwest and west coast!

-Practice on the weekly basis

-Benefit from national exposure at practice and tournaments from different Midwest recruiting Media and College Scouts

-Go on private college visits provided only to PVE athletes

-Professional development (recruiting, resumes, interviews, etc.)